Annual Membership Fee

We operate as a Club - run on a voluntary basis by Members for Members . . . . and no member receives any payment for administration duties !

We own our aircraft and even if never flown there are fixed annual costs associated with each plane i.e. Hangarage, Insurance, Mandatory Maintenance and small Admin costs.
In order to fund these each Member is required to pay an Annual Fee - currently at €400.

The Hourly Costs listed below cover the Fuel cost and the Hourly Maintenance cost.

Hourly Rates

EI-SAC Cessna 172P

Student Rate €200 . . . . .PPL Rate €180

EI-BIB Cessna 152

Students €180/Hr . . . . . PPL €160/Hr


Please note we can offer better Rates if you pre-purchase a block of hours. For current offers give us a call on 087 919 6893.